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I want to introduce you to Gracie. She is a ten-year-old super spy who has a lot of fun sneaking around and looking for mysteries to solve.  In addition to having fun with her friends, Gracie faces some tough real-life issues in the Gracie’s Guides. She learns in each book the right steps to take in each situation.

Gracie and her friends provide a voice for children to help steer them on the right path.  Gracie learns what to do when she is facing difficult times and how to help her friends through troubles as well. Each engaging, easy to read story has a powerful message.

Author Angie Wilson


What People Are Saying about Gracie's Guides

“This series of books provided to Bluefield Police Department, Gracie’s Guides, have been instrumental in teaching young children the dangers that are present in today’s society. They have also helped our Officers develop a relationship with positive dialog with our area youth.”

Dennis M Dillow, Jr.

Chief of Police, Bluefield, WV

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