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The Mystery at Darcy's Discount Store


This book is a 64-page paperback chapter book. This is the first book in the 'Gracie's Mysteries' series.  When ten-year old Gracie lands in the ER after snooping on a neighbor, she becomes a young detective as she hangs out with her mom at Darcy’s Discount Store where her inquisitive mind is put to the test as she is involved in a real investigation.

Age level: 8-12


The Mystery in the Window


This book is a 64-page paperback chapter book.  It is the second book in the 'Gracie's Mysteries' series. When her teacher informs the class that the school cat is missing- Gracie jumps right in on the case.  She finds a message in the window of an old, abandoned house.  When she finds more mysterious things going on in the old house, can she convince anyone to check out her lead?  

Age level: 8-12


Purchase both mysteries for $15!

Set of Two Mysteries

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